Recent Student Photos
Students can participate as kids, teens or adults. Courses can be for individuals, pairs and groups of all ages. These
photos are samples of different students performing tasks assigned by Cindy. Photos are updated periodically. Come
join us and be part of
Horses Helping Humans photo album.
Accomplishing a common goal through cooperation and
Group designed course and individual contributions to
achieve group's mutual goals
Cindy quizzing Natalia about what she is setting out to
Learning to multi-task; lead horse, pickup items builds
Photo Album
Communicating your boundaries without physically
touching the horse
Self-empowered, focused, determining your direction to
accomplish your objective
Nathalia and Ben learning the importance of communication
and sharing responsibility in accomplishing a task
Confidence first, Respect next, followed by your Request
Bonds and Friendships come together in helping each other
Cindy, Nathalia and Ben watching Ben's mom strengthening
her leadership skills
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Sierra Family Service's Equine Assisted Psychotherapy demonstration summer of 2008.
Horse Dental day, even horses need to have good dental care done annually