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Living the Dream
Cindy Hartzell

All of us desire to have joy in our lives. Can you remember the pure happiness we
experienced? During our childhood, even the simplest things thrilled us. Do you
remember the times you spent playing in the park with siblings and friends? There was
the exhilaration of swinging so high you could feel butterflies flipping inside your
stomach or riding your bike as fast as you could with the wind blowing in your face.
Can you remember the fear and anxiety that came from trying new things? There was
the delight and satisfaction from conquering challenges. Ah―those were wonderful
days of freedom and joy!

Can you remember the games you played; Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers,
and Firemen and Doctors? For me, my favorite was the game involving animals,
especially Horses. I would imagine I was a Dr. Doolittle, capable of talking to the
animals, any animal! I would spend hours in the park watching and sometimes chatting
with the wild life. Every cat and dog that crossed my path I engaged in conversation. I
knew that someday, I was going to be surrounded by animals. My childhood dream was
to help them to be safe, healthy, and happy. I would be their voice, the animals’
spokesperson, for those who were willing to listen.

As I grew up and out of the magical world of a child, I gradually lost the dream I once
held.  What I mean is, as an adult, who has time to frolic and play with animals? There
were careers to initiate, families needing to be started, houses to buy, even a social
status needing to be defined. There were those bills requiring their monthly payments.  
My responsible adult life had become obligations to be fulfilled. The playfulness of my
childhood was replaced with seriousness. My youthful spontaneity became regulated by
schedules as my adolescent’s freedom was substituted by responsibilities.

These days, we always seem to have so many things running through our heads and
choices to be made.  Usually, the “I want to do this” or “I could do that” is overruled
with the immensely powerful “but I should do the responsible thing.” Sometimes our
visions get derailed by those influential people in our lives and the beliefs they consider
right for us to do.

Have you ever found yourself faced with a choice and automatically you say either
silently or aloud, “part of me thinks I want to do this and part of me thinks I should do
that?” Have you ever thought about those “parts” of you? Well, I have! Consequently, I
set out to discover what or who were all those parts of me that seemed unable to decide
on things as a whole being.

If one has the ability to have this dialogue with one’s self, then who is doing the talking?
What makes me a whole being and how do I begin to create unity within my being? As I
pondered all of this and set out to discover the answer, I was guided to explore the
Mandala: in Jungian psychology, this is a symbol representing the self and inner

As I created the Mandala of Self and began to explore the contents within the circle, I
discovered many aspects of myself. It was as though I had many facets inside. Some
were very positive and nurturing and others, well, not so much! As I learned to explore
within my Mandala, I also revealed to myself, the powerful influences both the past and
the future have over my present moment.

I began to become familiar with the effects that separation has upon us. I learned how it
contributes to who I am in relation to others and how I interact in the world. In working
with the Mandala of Self the most important thing I have discovered is the direct impact
this tool has had on my awareness of my own personal joy, harmony, and abundance.

As I learn how to create harmony and balance within my Mandala of Self, I began to
both see and feel more harmony and balance in my world around me. I am living the
dream I dreamt as a child of being. Now, horses and animals surround me. I am their
voice, for those who are willing to listen. I have found the center of myself―my
Authentic Self. I am creating and living the dream!

Together with Susan Williams, an award winning photographer and author, we have
created a powerful workshop for those who are ready to explore their inner most self.
For those of you who are prepared to discover your passion, your purpose, and your
dream, Living the Dream workshops can assist you through the wisdom and spirit of
the horse in discovering and living your dream. For more information, please visit our

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Cindy Hartzell: Animal Intuitive, Certified Equine Assisted Coach, CAAMT, EAGALA
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