MISSION STATEMENT: HeartSoul Natural Animal Communication and HeartSoul Horses Helping Humans
is passionate about America's Wild Mustangs. The mustangs are powerful teachers for humans, when it comes to
social dynamics, relationships, family bonds, boundaries, communication, trust, and teamwork.

It is our focus to bring mustangs and humans together for the purpose of healing and self-empowerment. We work
with a variety of individuals and groups including: veterans, at-risk youths, foster kids, women, men, families,
addiction recovery, and corporate teams.

Most individuals can resonate with a mustang and the challenges they have experienced and have overcome. It is my
desire to educate people about our wild mustangs and their fight to remain free. Yet if they cannot be free, then
having our sanctuary wild mustangs help humans to heal themselves through engaging with one of the most powerful
and majestic breeds of horses in the world, is the next best thing.

Cindy Hartzell with Sky
Cindy Hartzell with Rondo
following his bath
Horses are social animals, very much like humans. Their peer structure is observable
and identifiable. Yet horse and humans differ in at least one key aspect: Humans are
natural predators, while horses are prey animals. Prey animals are constantly scanning
their surroundings for potential threats, making them excellent barometers for how
human actions speak louder than words. The size and power of the horse also is
naturally intimidating to many people. Accomplishing a task in spite of these fears help
people develop confidence. Horses have the ability to
mirror what human body
language is telling them. They help us to learn to express gratitude. We never walk
away from our horses without thanking them for time spent and lessons learned.
Program Skills:
Horses Helping Humans programs do not focus solely on horse-riding or
horsemanship. A session involves setting up activities with horses that will require
students to apply certain skills. Students may not be accustomed to using these skills.
They include the following:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Self-confidence

These tools are immensely important in helping our youth obtain the confidence to
withstand today's pressures and help them make responsible and thoughtful choices.
Horses help humans learn about honesty, responsibility and accountability for every
choice we make.
Experiential Learning
What is Horses Helping Humans?
Equine Facilitated learning is an experiential
experience by engaging people with horses,
offering them the opportunity to fully participate
with their mind, body and spirit. Experiential
education is learning by doing with reflection.
previous horse experience is necessary.
Why Horses?
Barley & Patti
It's About Change....
Horses Helping Humans is an experiential approach designed to bring people a better
understanding of how they present themselves in the world and how changes in their
beliefs and subsequently their behavior
can create positive changes in their lives.
Horses and Humans operate from many different modes of consciousness. We have
our reactive mode, this is seen in the horse by their flight response to what they
perceive as danger or as our default behavior. We have our thinking mode; this is
displayed by a horse standing still, ears perked up and licking their lips and our
contemplation (being in our head). We have our intuitive mode; this is displayed by a
horse who is working with humans and seeks out the individual they are connected
to, sensing who they can help. This their gut feeling as well as ours. We often operate
from these modes of consciousness unintentionally.
Do you know what modes you
operate from?
It's About Connection....
Horses Helping Humans is for
people seeking a relationship with
horses and discovering more
about themselves. These beautiful animals have so much to teach us about intimacy,
boundaries, our emotions and our own intuitive abilities.

Being with horses is about being in the present moment, mindfulness, simplicity,
encouraging and enhancing our spiritual connection with all of life and the world
around us.
Strengthens & Develops:
  • Personal
  • Healthy relationship skills
  • Confidence/self-esteem
  • Listening/communication
  • Emotional control/self-
  • Trust, patience and
  • Anger management and
    impulse control
  • Teamwork/cooperation
  • Compassion and respect
    for others
Horses Help Humans:
  • Rapidly breaks down defense barriers
  • Provides immediate feedback
  • Captivates and holds attention
  • Challenges in a non-threatening manner
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Cindy Hartzell offers a variety of services for the horses in our lives. Horses are
sensory aware animals, this means they are acutely attuned to everything in their
environment. When we ask a horse to partner up with us in any way we are
exposing them to stress factors that can affect them either physically,mentally or
emotionally. At times they can be affected on all of these levels. This is why Cindy
Hartzell offers sessions in the following areas:
For more information on any of these services please contact Cindy by
email:cyahart@yahoo.com or (530) 386-3639