Deanna (adult)
Ben (age 6 1/2)
Alana (age 14)
"Horses Helping Humans and Cindy Hartzell are helping me bring out
the leader within me. The expertise and support Cindy offers creates a
safe space for me to explore, with the horses, parts of myself that I
want to strengthen. Plus the setting is beautiful and it is really, really
"I like steering the horse. It feels good and then I feel happy!"
"I enjoyed the exercise, Peer Pressure; Good Influence/Bad Influence.
I liked it because it really got you to really want the horse to move
away from 'Peer Pressure'."
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Kaydie (age 14)
"I liked the whole session. I liked how we would be given challenges
but then got to work it out by teamwork. It was a lot of fun."
Shelby (age 14)
"I liked when we had to go around the obstacles with the horse."
Animal Intuitive
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US Army Soldier Summer of 2008: He had been back from the
war in Afghanistan for about a year.  He was a medic and saw
his share of suffering and carnage.  More importantly, his
fellow medic, his friend had been shot and killed while on
patrol.  He came back with a legacy of nightmares and a
personal commitment to himself to not speak of his
He was invited to attend a public demonstration of the Equine
Assisted Psychotherapy program.  He was reluctant, partially
because when he was a young boy, he had been kicked by a
horse.  But he went with his wife on the invitation of his
mother.  When volunteers were asked for, his wife pulled him
into the ring with the horse.  He was aware of the sweat
dripping off his face.  He could do this, he would do this.  The
exercise was simple.  It was a matter of getting the horse to
go through a course, not using anything other than him and
his teammates.  At the end of the exercise, he was breathing
easier.  He didn’t think much of anything happened, other
than feeling better about being in a corral with a horse.  But
the next day, he started talking to his mom, slowly but surely,
about some of his experiences “over there”.  His nightmares,
although still present, have decreased significantly.  He
reported feeling a little more human since that day he and
Rondo connected in Truckee, California
Anonymous by request
In their own words....
The interaction between a large creature and a smaller one, where the
larger creature could surely hurt the smaller but doesn’t, is an experience
unlike any other that could be demonstrated in traditional therapy.  Clients
are able to access their feelings in an almost guttural way that is so
impactful and life changing.  For me, I am astounded at the ability of clients to
gain insight about themselves in one session of EAP on issues they have
been working on in traditional therapy for several months or even years.
Tracey Barrett, Marriage Family Therapist, Intern

"Cindy Hartzell's Introduction to Animal Communication seminar was
everything I had hoped it would be.  I like how Cindy structured the two-day
seminar.  She gave me many opportunities to practice the skills I was
learning, beginning on the very first day.  I think we practiced on 19 or 20
different animals, some of which were in a different state.  Learning how to
communicate both in person and in long distance situations will be very
useful.  She provides her students with a structure for communicating with
animals and I really appreciated having a specific process to follow.  Cindy
was always so encouraging.  She had complete confidence that I could
communicate with animals and that confidence rubbed off on me.  I've
already practiced my new skills on a friend's animal and the friend was a
little surprised at how accurate I was and ecstatic about some of the
revelations.  Cindy also touched on the topics of Acupressure Points and
Flower Essences for pets, which rounded out the course nicely.  I highly
recommend Cindy, whether you're looking for an animal communicator to
talk to your own pet or you're looking to learn the amazing skill of animal

Brooke Martellaro
Castle Rock, CO"

Cindy Hartzell is an amazing resource for us all. She is clear and strongly
gifted in her abilities. Our beloved cat adored her. She was able to
communicate with our feline as I couldn't even though I am a sensitive
myself. Cindy was able to answer specific questions that stumped us about
our cat and this led to a much happier relationship for our family. We had
very real validation that proved Cindy's communication. And when the time
came to let our sweetheart go, Cindy supported us all through the difficult
transition with grace and ease. Our lives were thoroughly enriched by the
care that Cindy shared with us.

VM - Lake Tahoe

My journey with Cindy started several years ago when I had what you might
call a spiritual awakening.  (Actually I've know Cindy for many years; but she
became my inspiration and a mentor at this point in my life.)  I began to think
that there might be more to me than meets the eye and I wanted to explore
this.  It was almost like a calling.  I knew I was on the precipice of something
big - a knowing of my authentic self and a knowing of why I am here.  But I
needed a little help from someone who's been on this journey for a while and
could fast-track me to what I yearned to know.  So I called the one person I
knew who believed in infinite possibilities.  

Cindy's psychic course was just what I needed.  It covered three areas key
to answering my questions: 1) how to listen for divine guidance, 2) how to
accept divine guidance and 3) how to take that guidance and create the life I
want; a joy-filled life of following my heart and expressing my authentic self.  
The course concluded with a session of animal communication with her
horses.  It was so thrilling to connect with these amazing creatures on a
vibrational level and to receive divine guidance through them.  What I loved
about her course is that we got to put into practice right away what we were
learning - we studied a topic, then applied what we studied and then
practiced it throughout the week.  I loved the instant gratification I was
getting from using the tools we studied each week.  Cindy is a very talented
teacher - she leads by example and practices what she preaches.  She often
stops to listen for guidance from her own angels during her classes.  She is
gentle, compassionate, funny and down-to-earth.

I now have many different tools to continue this exploration on my own -
whether it be the 4-step process to recognize my body sensations as divine
guidance, or communication with my angels to ask what I need to know
about something, or refering to the emotional guidance chart to see what a
particular emotion is trying to tell me or using my mandala to understand
why I did something unconsciously.  I am now more confident than ever that I
am in charge of my own journey.

Thank you Cindy.  You are a blessing and wise beyond your years.  Thank you
for sharing your gift, your tools and your journey with me.  Your existence
makes this world a better place and I am grateful to get to share it with you.

Brooke Martellaro
Castle Rock, CO
Quite simply, Cindy's animal communication skills are
exceptional. Cindy came to our aid as River, our beloved
twelve-year-old Golden Retriever, was leaving us after a brief
but arduous and admirable battle with lymphoma.  We were
uncertain whether River was "ready," and River had several
people to whom she was exceptionally special, so we all
needed to be convinced that what was to come was in River's
best interest.  Cindy's husband Bruce was with us to deal with
the medical side of River's passing, and Cindy was with us (by
phone) to help us through the spiritual aspects of River's
passing.  Cindy dealt with all of us with exceptional compassion
and insight, sharing with each of us what River wanted us to
know.  Through that process, we were each able to learn what
we needed to understand that this was indeed the right thing
for River, and that we were fulfilling River's wishes.  I can't
imagine having gone through that painful experience without
Cindy's insight, love and compassion.