In the Beginning....
In early 2006 Cindy decided both children and adults could benefit from the melding
of all of her disciplines. Courses are now offered and designed for individuals (both
children and adults) or groups (families, teen groups, business associates). Classes
are tailored for the specific interest of the student(s) or group. In 2008 she teamed
up with Sierra Family Service's therapist; Shawn and Tracey offering Equine
Assisted Psychotherapy to individuals,families and groups. The winter 0f 2009
Cindy expanded her education into Equine assisted Life Coaching and has enjoyed
the opportunity to help people discover their life's passion & purpose through
working with the horses.
The Horse Team
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Avatar Professional Course
Avatar Master License.
Avatar Resurfacing,
Courses II & III
Reiki Master Teacher
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
 Certification by Equine
Assisted Growth & Learning
Association (EAGALA)
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Chronology of Cindy
Hartzell's Education
About Us
Cindy Hartzell
Equine Assisted Coach
Partnering with her gentle and wise horses, Cindy Hartzell, a horse guardian
for over thirty years, supports individuals who seek to rediscover their inner
strengths and purpose.

Cindy has devoted the
past decade to a path of self growth, empowerment
and professional development in experiential learning and coaching.

In addition to working with a team of Psychotherapists, Cindy has been
developing a private practice of her own in the field of Equine Assisted
Coaching for the past two years. Cindy offers equine communication
sessions, Reiki with aromatherapy sessions and Raindrop Therapy sessions
for horses. Cindy Hartzell believes that helping your horses to stay
physically, emotionally and mentally balanced is an important part of your

She is certified in the following areas: Equine Experiential Learning and
Coaching, EAGALA horse specialist, Reiki Master, and Animal Intuitive.

In 2011 Cindy spent the summer studying with a natural horseman learning
how to gentle wild mustangs. It didn't take her long to realize how amazing
our American Heritage;the wild mustangs are and has since then devoted her
life to helping to save them as well as helping humans.

Committed to animal welfare, Cindy, a Veterinary Technician since 1987,
lives in Truckee CA where she and her husband currently own a successful
Veterinary Clinic.

began volunteering for a wild mustang non-profit in Reno, Nevada
who had rescued 150 wild horses from slaughter, in October of 2012.
February of 2013 she became their herd manager and lead gentler and trainer.

She has adopted 4 wild mustangs that she is now training to become a part
of her equine facilitated learning team.

In October 2013 Cindy and Bruce became a part of Wynema Ranch Wild
Horse Sanctuary which is a 690 acre ranch in Doyle California.
We are now offering a variety of equine facilitated learning and educational
programs and have many wild mustangs who have joined our herd and are
assisting us with our
Horses Experiential Assisted Retreats & Trainings
Speaking One Universal Language (HEARTSOUL) programs.

For more information please contact Cindy @ (530) 386-3639 or
Behind the Scenes-Bruce A. Hartzell
Bruce acts as the behind the scenes, jack of all
trades guy. When he's not practicing
veterinary medicine on a full-time basis, he
handles the required repairs, media issues,
photography, computer editing, harrowing the
corral, consulting and occasional advisor role.
Started HeartSoul Natural
Animal Communication
Animal Communication
June 2003
April 2003
August 2002
Parelli Natural Horseman
(PNH) Level I
March 2001
Reiki Level 1
March 1987 and Continuing
Started as Veterinary
Technician in 1987. Currently
co-owns, assists and helps
CritterCare Mobile
Veterinary Clinic
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Rondo's Carbon Copy aka "RC" He was
acquired in loving memory of Rondo who
succumb to colic on 2/21/09. "RC" is a adopted
PMU foal and we are honored to have him join
our herd! Keep posted for ongoing updates.
Sky and Rondo were Cindy's original
team they have since moved on to
greener pastures. They are dearly
missed by all of us!
Gino watches over
our newest herd
member: RC, they
are very close and
Gino takes very
good care of the
little guy.
Magic is a retired athlete and was donated
to our program in the summer of 2008.
healed many of hearts during his 5 years
as a very valuable member of our team
He went on to greener pastures in March
of 2013 at the age of 34 and we miss him
Apache is a 3 year old Virginia Range
wild mustang  who was removed from
the range in 2012. He became a part
of our herd in October 2013. He is
adjusting nicely to being with us and
we look forward to having him join us in
our HEARTSOUL programs
Dream Catcher picked me out of a
group of people on a 200 acre in
February 2013 and joined our herd in
May. She is a lovely mare and was the
alpha mare of Apache's band. I look
forward to the day I can reunite them.

Chief is a 4 year old mustang paint
horse who was captured off the
Virginia range in August and joined our
herd in October. He is still very shy
and needs things to be taken slow. He
is now sharing a corral with Apache
and is learning through Apache that
humans can be trust. He is a very
sweet and sensitive boy.
The current equine partners that assist in your training are Rondo's Carbon Copy aka RC. He was
born June 13, 2008 and he is the apple of Cindy's eye. He began working with clients when he was
just 15 months old and he seems to have a gift of reminding us all of our inner child who is curious,
playful and has no fear. He has graduated his level II  Parelli Natural Horsemanship and is very close
to becoming a level III graduate and we are all very grateful to have him in our herd.
Gino is a 10 year Tennessee Walking horse who was given to Cindy after suffering a severe riding
accident in 2003. Horses like people can suffer from emotional trauma and that is the case with
Gino. He has severe trust issues and frightens easily. Cindy only allows him to work with certain
individuals that often have fear and trust issues themselves. Gino will tell her who he wants to work
with and when he does it is always transformational for both client and Gino. Gino is currently a
Level II Parelli Natural Horsemanship horse and Cindy's very dear friend.
DreamCatcher is a 5 year mustang mare that we adopted in May of 2013 and she was very wild.
She is now becoming very gentle and loves engaging with people. She is a very confident alpha mare
and is a great teacher of women empowerment.
Apache is a 3 year old mustang gelding who is a very proud horse and up until August  2013 was a
Chief is a 4 year old beautiful paint mustang who also was a stallion up until August of 2013. The
two of them are still very wild and are learning to trust humans. The two of them are very
wonderful examples of how you can take a living being out of the wild but it takes time and patience
and skill to help them to let go of the wild within them.
Certified Equine Facilitated
May 2009
Gentling and training wild
mustangs and managing a
herd of 150 wild mustangs at
the Wynema Ranch Wild
Horse Sanctuary.
February 2013-Currently
Parelli Natural
Horsemanship Level II
October 2011