Compassion is an important aspect of loving that evolves as a result of feeling loved. To have compassion
means to deeply understand and feel tenderness for others based on who they are, not what they can do for
you. It is a very sacred attribute and one that defines our humanity.

It is important that we, as a species, find our way back to the compassionate state that will help us in balancing
the “light” and the “dark” aspects of our character. Horses have the ability to help to evaluate our compassion,
serving as a barometer for our potential for change. These amazing beings can size up a person’s character
within a matter of moments. The response that these perceptive animals possess is to an individual’s inner being
rather than to our external facade. This is why horses can generate within us feelings that seem so wonderful
and pleasurable to some individuals yet so threatening to others.

When one looses their compassion for others it is a reflection of being cut off from one’s own feelings of
vulnerability, suffering and struggle. In essence, they become cut off or disconnected from themselves. The
result is the substitution of callousness towards others for the compassion they once possessed.

Tenderness and compassion are qualities we should never take for granted. If we desire to make our world a
better place for ourselves and our children then, surely, we must strive to cultivate our feelings of tenderness,
empathy and compassion.

I have found that in order to further nurture these aspects within my soul it helps to spend part of my busy
complex life in the company of animals. Likewise, you too can utilize this opportunity as an effective way to
protect yourself against becoming calloused. Through horses we can learn about compassion, forgiveness and
how to recapture our generosity.

Take a small portion from your busy complex life to honor your ability to nurture your compassion. Horses
Helping Humans is one way of assisting your quest.

HeartSoul Media© February 2008
                                                                       New Beginnings

This past month has been filled with a lot of laughter in our house. A much needed gift given to all of us from our
adorable litter of five (5) kittens. They are eleven weeks old and full of the energy of curiosity. We have had to
baby proof or rather kitten proof our house. The things we pass over in our daily routines have become the
targets of our five little Indian adventurers. Some of our beautiful houseplants are now looking as if large insects
are leaving holes and bruises in what were once healthy and shiny leaves. Our three parrots have recently been
discovered and are occasionally stalked even within the safety of their cages. The bird’s savior is the spray from
the long range high powered squirt bottle that mysteriously dampens our five little kitten’s fannies.

Having five little kittens in our house brings a whole new meaning to sleeping. To sleep with a kitten, which I’m
sure some of you know, is both very peaceful and comforting. However, snoozing with five takes some getting use
to. The current combined weight of our brood is currently about 7-8 pounds. My husband has brought it to my
attention that when they are fully grown they will possess a joint weight of between fifty and sixty pounds drape
over a vast surface area of our bed. Hmmm, this could become a challenge. We’ve been use to one or two cats
and even that sometimes became a struggle to see who got to claim their bed territory first. With five little Indians
we may have to consider king-size bunk beds.

Why is it that humans who sleep with cats will sleep uncomfortably in one position so as to not disturb their
slumbering feline? This is an axiom for all cat people. I personally will be awakened with cramped legs and arms
with a kitten curled up around my neck, one on my chest and another pinning my arm against my side. Rather
than disturb them I’ll somehow try to endure my contoured posture as my arm feels the growing sensation of ‘pins
and needles’ from having fallen asleep from its burden. Yet to agitate them I fear I will somehow cause them all to
leave; resulting in my not having my little kitten purrs to lull me back to sleep.

As our little tribe romps through the house, tumbling and tackling each other we find ourselves constantly drawn
to their playfulness and joy. Watching them is better than anything on television and generally causes a lot more
laughter. Each one of them possesses their own unique personality. While they have grown from bottle fed brats
to young adventurers it has been amazing to observe the discovery of their individual courage and strengths as
they explore their freedom from their once necessary playpen confinement.

Over the past several weeks my husband, daughter and myself are brought to spend more time in the present as
a result of having these little beings in our lives. It’s so easy to spend five to ten minutes watching these precious
little kittens savoring every movement, every noise while embracing their new lives with an attitude that it’s all an
adventure of fun and joy. Laughing, we play and cuddle them every opportunity that we can and in return we’re
showered with their rubbing under our chins, cramming their noses up our nostrils or kissing our faces while they

Everyday we look forward to celebrating with our kittens each new milestone in their journeys. Whether it’s the
discovery of jumping onto the couch on their own, crawling out of their playpen without assistance or even
watching the runt of the bunch, Gabriel, tackle his substantially large brother, it has been infinitely rewarding to
be along for the ride.

Of course there is the multitude of challenges that come along with having five curious little Indians. There’s the
challenge of keeping them from dragging the bird’s heat lamps off their cages and burning down the house or
how to prevent them from playing hide-n-seek in our potted plants that we’ve nurtured for years. Even the act of
flushing a toilet has brought forth a new way of training my husband to put the seat down. It seems that kittens
are drawn to some suicidal tendency to want to “go down the hole” as they watch water disappear. We’ve had to
wash a few of them off due to this particular inquisitiveness. Likewise teaching them and our dogs to get along as
they crawl all over their canine housemates has brought a test or two. Everyday is a new adventure for both our
kittens and for us.

In the back of our minds is the nagging thought of how we’re going to keep our quintet of curious and inquisitive
critters out of the usual ten foot Christmas tree we’ll set up in few months. So far we haven’t figured it out yet but
we’ve still got a few weeks.

Within the addition of our new litter of kittens we have found the time to appreciate the little things in life, such as:
taking the time to watch a spider walk across the floor, reading a book with a sleeping kitty in your lap, taking a
break from house choirs to play five minutes of laser light tag with five romping monsters. This is what life is all
about; the simple pleasures that just being with each other can bring. Take a few minutes and share life with each
other. It might warm the cockles of your heart too.

HeartSoul Media© February 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I lost a very dear friend of mine. He came into my life 24 years ago at the age of 9 months. The years I
spent with him were filled with much laughter and growth, for both of us. Today he succumb to a large intestinal
torsion and I was forced to make the painful decision to let him go. Iam so grateful that Bruce was there by my
side all the way. Although I will never hear his loud whinny in the morning telling me to get out of bed and feed
him nor will I gaze into those beautiful brown eyes again or stroll along the forest path just he and I lost in the
silent pleasure of one another. The hoof print he has left on my heart and so many of those who knew him will
be there forever.

I had no idea last night was the last night I would get to kiss him goodnight and turn out his stall light-so to all of
you- I pause and take a moment from my sorrow to share with you my loss and to tell you all how important you
are to me and thank you for being in my life.

Born: July 5, 1985
Passed: February 21, 2009