The Business of Bow-wow

A quick look through Truckee’s Yellow Pages certainly paints a picture of a “dog’s town.” Pet-centered
businesses abound - pet sitters, bed and breakfast for pets, a dog’s bakery, pampered care for pets and
perhaps one of the most unusual – Heartsoul Natural Animal Communication.

Run by Cindy Hartzell, who also co-runs CritterCare Mobile Veterinary Clinic with her husband, Heartsoul
Natural Animal Communication provides a communicative link between pet owners and their mute pets.

“One of the most common reasons people call me is to resolve behavioral issues,” Hartzell said. “Once I find
out what’s going on with the pet, I have a pretty good success rate in stopping the behavior problem. In fact,
I can’t think of any case where I haven’t been successful.”

Hartzell “finds out what’s going on” with said pet by communicating with the animal – telepathically.

“Intuitive abilities are like a muscle,” she said. “We all have the ability, we just don’t know how to use it or we
don’t believe we can.”

Hartzell, mother of two children and 11 pets, said she discovered her ability to communicate with animals
when she was a child. But it wasn’t until 2001, when a friend recommended a book on animal
communication, that she saw the ability as a possible career move.

After reading the book, Hartzell took classes in animal communication and essentially became a behavioral
therapist for animals and a teacher of animal communication techniques.

“It’s a fun thing to do and people really like it,” she said. Hartzell explained.

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photos by Court Leve/