Energy Choices

The past three to four months have been a very interesting learning experience. It’s amazing how we get
ourselves into situations we would have never imagined ourselves in. I love horses and believe very strongly that
they have been and continue to be an important part of human history.

I was approached in September by an individual who was seeking my support in a local horse club. Initially, I was
reluctant to participate due to two reasons: (1) my past experience with this individual had been less than positive
and friendly; (2) this particular organization historically has been a rather unfriendly and less than productive
outlet for horse loving people.

Despite these reservations I was intrigued by information shared regarding a group seeking a Certified Equine
Assisted Psychotherapy Horse Specialist; which I happen to be. I took this as a sign. With much thought and a bit
of apprehension, I decided this was the universe’s sign to get moving on my horse dreams and goals.

Before I knew it, not only was I involved with a horse organization I had previously been apprehensive about but I
found myself as their only nominated candidate for the presidency office for their upcoming elections. Somewhat
shocked, I wouldn’t ever have considered this normal for me; to seek these kinds of positions. However, this
particular organization needed help and I initially accepted the nomination, feeling I could make a positive
contribution. Shortly it became apparent that not all members were similarly motivated in making changes and
seeking a new positive and healthier path. Once they discovered that some of my new progressive visions differed
from theirs, it became apparent my ideas and character were now the focus of their attention and negativity. It was
fascinating that the same two individuals who initially sought my membership and support a few weeks earlier
became the most adamant complainers.

Here I was emotionally entangled in someone else’s anger and frustration. It was amazing how two people could
intimidate, through bullying and threatening tactics, an entire membership and yet be capable of unmitigated
injustices to the same organization. I was really being given the opportunity to practice my teachings regarding
forgiveness from the Course in Miracles. I was sometimes oscillating between anger and frustration towards these
individuals, sometimes trying to forgive myself for being sucked into and engaged in their drama and sometimes
trying to forgive them.

Given these circumstances, it didn’t take long before I found myself determined and driven to separate myself from
the negativity of this organization and focus my energies on establishing a new horse club for the Truckee Tahoe
Basin. The outcome from anger, frustration and dysfunction was to become a positive and healthy alternative
group. The enthusiasm and support of others was contagious.

I took the time before going too far to ask for guidance in which direction I might be both in service to horses and
to the people who loved them. My guidance took me within; to reflect upon the past four months. My introspection
revealed how easily I consented to be drawn into the negative energy of others and how quickly I accepted the
challenge of confronting their injustice and malfeasance. Although from my viewpoint, they were quite guilty of
their misdeeds, the time I took for reflection and guidance revealed the fact that I’d lost sight of the knowledge that
I’m not right while they are wrong. Nor are they right and that I am wrong. Rather that we just see things differently.

I have realized the time and energy I spend in the horse world is my choice. Instead of unconsciously being drawn
into other individuals’ stories of conflict, anger and control, I can choose to forgive them for their choice of energy
use. I can compassionately bid them farewell and redirect my energies to truly contribute time and service to
horses and people. This offers an opportunity for each of these species to experience each other in a healing,
loving manner of being in the present moment.

I reminisce on these past few months and the emotional ride that it’s been. I have these two individuals to thank for
the unintended gifts they shared. These included my enlightenment in my willingness to engage in confrontation
as a reaction, the chance to look at aspects of myself they were mirroring and then explore these aspects,
understand them and forgive myself for the part I was ashamed of being. Once I achieved these insights, I was
able to forgive my gift bearers for what I perceived as their transgressions and then move on to what is really
important to me.

I have learned how we spend our emotional energy is strictly our choice. While negative energy is a direction that
can be so draining, the opposite, positive energy, can be so tremendously rejuvenating. The benefit of this whole
experience has taught me a willingness to pay more attention to the choices I make and strive to constantly seek
that more positive expression of energy.

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                     Personal Tolerance and Acceptance; the Path towards Unconditional Love

It seems that we walk through our days experiencing times of great joy while at other times we experience
frustration or anger. What is going on within us that allows for our moments of feeling rapture for one individual
verses antagonism and aggravation towards another? I believe it is what we are personally willing to accept.

To accept something or someone is the willingness to openly receive it or them without judgment. If we are
experiencing a person or subject with irritation or fear, we are not accepting some facet of the occurrence. We
are either resisting the person, event and subject or perhaps we’re resisting what is being triggered within

Recently, I have become very aware of my unwillingness to accept certain features within my own life. While
examining my resistance I began to appreciate that my unwillingness stemmed from my lack of self acceptance.
What I needed, dare say, what I required, was to grant myself permission to love myself with all my perceived
imperfections; a willingness to love myself unconditionally. My insight was; if I am willing to accept me
unreservedly, then I will gain the compassion to recognize others unconditionally and without judgment. This
would enable me to truly experience the beauty of their uniqueness and inner being. This new knowledge I’ve
gained, over the past month, seems relevant in many different areas of my life. Would I be tolerant to myself over
things I had previously created out of fear or resistance? Would I allow myself to deliberately feel those creations
without self condemnation, without resistance but instead with unqualified love and total acceptance? My insight
was in knowing that if I permitted myself to accept these creations as simply other facets that were only part of the
totality of me, I, as the observer, could learn from my creations and move on to the next experience.

My mare, Sky, has been my wonderful tutor with regard to learning about acceptance. In the past six to seven
weeks she’s endured the painful process of healing following a necessary life saving surgery, she’s had her
freedom to roam severely curtailed while she recovers and she’s had her diet dramatically altered in order to
prevent the inciting factors that precipitated her need for surgery. Despite all of these events impacting her
simultaneously I am greeted everyday with her open heart and tolerant eyes. Sky is accepting of whatever a new
day brings and is willing to make the best of it. She has given herself unconditionally to me, demonstrating that
the way to do life is through love and forgiveness.

When I’m not honoring and accepting others for who they are, then I have lost sight of their true being and their
inner light. By failing to give them tolerance and acceptance I deny myself the opportunity to connect to my fellow
human being who suffers and yearns for love just like me. By passing judgment and evaluation on their behavior,
lifestyle or beliefs I am actually being drawn into their creation. My reaction is what their creation is mirroring or
triggering for me. If in their struggle or resistance to acquire their own personal self acceptance, I deny either
them or myself unconditional love, instead of nurturing them I actually become part of the problem; both theirs
and mine. I am impeding their opportunity for self love, denying a similar opportunity for myself and withholding
much needed compassion to another who has needs and desires, just like me.

I have grown through observing my horses and their ability to accept life’s challenges. It is through these insights
that I’ve gained an increased ability to allow my life to flow and to accept all as part of my divine path. Rather than
labeling aspects of experiences as either good or bad, I am able to feel peace, joy and love for myself, my life and
all who cross paths with my journey. Horses have shown me that to accept all without resistance is to live in the
moment and to savor those experiences.

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                                                                        Energy Medicine

This is such an exciting topic to explore and share my viewpoint with others. I’m sure a significant number of you
have read, watched or studied the concepts of energy; Isaac Newton’s discoveries of the energy of gravity or
Albert Einstein’s revelations regarding the energies of photons, light particles. For centuries religious scholars
have explored the energy of religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and even the pagan belief systems.
However, the idea of ENERGY MEDICINE is something entirely different. It is not defined as the Small Particle
Nuclear Forces, nor is it E=mc², nor is it Christ’s or Mohammed’s energy. Rather it’s inclusive of all these
energies. It is the empowering force within each of us to heal ourselves.

Karmic Energy creates a common theme throughout our lives. It attracts people, places and experiences to us in
order to enlighten us about our personal Karma*. Thereby, allowing us to work through it; often this manifests as
our experiencing struggle, turmoil, frustration and/or pain.

Spiritual Energy is the source that sustains all things. When it is allowed to freely flow through us it is
empowering. It guides our intuition to make the “right” choices. It’s really easy to recognize: It is when life is
flowing gracefully, almost effortlessly. It is when we seem to align ourselves with the “right” people at just the
“right” time to assist each other in manifesting our dreams.

It seems we spend our lives flowing back and forth between these two sources of energy; the Karmic and the
Spiritual. As individuals how we choose to accomplish this is up to each of us. How long we choose to experience
each energy source is our personal creation. Eventually, we seem to achieve a balance, yet, the natural
tendency is to strive to experience and feel our Spiritual Energy through the process of healing our Karmic
Energy. The consequence of this natural progression is our creation of one more enlightened being upon our

Many of you have chosen to expand yourselves out unto the world by assisting other beings along this path of
energy healing and balance. You are the caretakers of the world and I embrace you all. I too have chosen to be
one of your colleagues. I have grown spiritually throughout my life with the help of loving friends and Mother
Nature, including the Animal Kingdom. When I reach that uncomfortable, can’t sit still, feeling during my Karmic
creations I am compellingly drawn like a magnet to Nature and her Kingdom to facilitate the healing and evolution
of me. The shift towards my Spiritual Energy, source being, frequently transpires in the company of my gentle
giants, my horses. The love and compassion conveyed through their gentle eyes, along with their comfortable
nature existing in the present moment helps also steer me back to the present. If I’m in their presence, sensing
the strength of their hooves upon this earth, I too find myself grounded and within my body, my Spiritual Energy.
The confidence with which they gracefully move seems almost sensuous to me, like angels flying.

By being out in Nature with horses I am given a secure and nurturing environment, permitting opportunities for
my evolving through the creations of my Karmic Energy until I can again find that peaceful, self-loving place
within me, my Spiritual Energy. By experiencing the current of energy that flows from the “negatives” to the
“positives” of our lives we can evolve and gain wisdom. We too can mirror to the world, like horses, the issues we
fail to see or the joy we cherish in each other. Through the energy of Mother Nature and her Animal Kingdom we
gain the medicine to heal ourselves and thus become empowered. Explore your energies. Try Horses Helping

* Hinduism, Buddhism. Actions, as brought upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a
reincarnation-Random House Dictionary of the English Language

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